Your notes, timetable, deadlines and everything you need for studying - in one place.

Create rich text notes

Use cutting edge technology to power your notes. Uninotes has all of the word processing features that you could ever dream of. You can customize until your heart is content!

Organization is key

Organise your notes by modules. Group sets of notes into topics inside of a module. Favourite a set of notes for quick access or view your most recent ones.. no problem.

Never miss a thing

Stick every single deadline, birthday or other important event into here and witness a live countdown until the moment they arrive. You can even configure Uninotes to fire e-mail reminders when it’s getting close.

Link it all up

Uninotes lets you connect all the pieces together. Link your scheduled events up to a module, link relevant files up to your notes, connect your notes to a module and even synchronize it all with Google Calendar if you’d prefer to keep using it!